Wipes | Bamboo Terry
Wipes | Bamboo Terry

Wipes | Bamboo Terry

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If you're using reusable nappies, you might as well choose reusable wipes - it's a whole lot less hassle!

These bamboo terry wipes are a medium size, more generous than most, and often mean you can just use one per nappy change.

Made from super soft bamboo terry, these wipes make clean up a breeze!

They can also be used as boosters in your nappy if you're caught short or face/hand wipes when out and about.

Bamboo Terry Wipes Pack of 10 (square shape)

Preparation: We recommend washing your wipes as per usual (any load) and drying once before use. This helps remove any residue from manufacturing and start roughing up the fibres.

Wipes may be put in the drier but are also designed to dry quickly on the line - they may not be as soft this way but work just as well!

If you have any questions, please contact us.