When you're starting out using cloth there are always a lot of questions. Below are a couple of our frequently asked questions (FAQ) to get you started.

We also have an amazing cloth using community in New Zealand who are more than happy to answer any questions - heck, we even contact them when we're stumped for expertise!


What happened to the microfibre inserts?

As part of our commitment to reducing plastic waste we have opted to no longer offer microfibre inserts as a common option. We may look to bring a small number back for people to purchase separately if they are in demand.

Each nappy will now come with your choice of either a small insert or a standard size insert (or both) and they can be paired together as baby grows for 12 layers of absorbency where you need it.

Like all polyester based fabrics, they shed microplastics when washed. Our shells need to be made of polyester with a laminate to keep them waterproof but we can do better by offering natural fibre inserts.

No only do our bamboo inserts absorb more, they are less prone to compression leaks - very common with babies! 

We've also increased the end size of our bamboo terry inserts so you get more absorbency where it matters!


I am getting leaks, what's going on?

Leaks can be cause by multiple different things. Below are a few hints that might help, otherwise feel free to email us or pop onto Facebook/Instagram with some photos so we can help.

First, check that clothing hasn't gotten caught up in the underwear line. This is a common cause as bodysuits are great at wicking.

Second, check the fit of the nappy. There should be no gaps around the legs with the elastics snuggly hugging, but not too tight. Often the waist is done up too tight, and legs are too loose (not enough rise snaps done up).

Thirdly, microfiber can compress like a wet sponge when fully soaked. Microfiber wicks pee away quickly and the bamboo insert behind is designed to hold the extra. However, if both are fully soaked front to back within 1-2hrs, this indicates baby is likely to need to use more bamboo. You can either swap out your microfiber for a bamboo booster, or get additional bamboo inserts (small or standard size). If you purchased both inserts, combine the small and standard size bamboo for 12 layers of absorbency!

More Questions?

If you have any other burning questions, chances are you're not alone. Email me, PM on Facebook/Instagram and I'll pop them up.