When you're starting out using cloth there are always a lot of questions. Below are a couple of our frequently asked questions (FAQ) to get you started.

We also have an amazing cloth using community in New Zealand who are more than happy to answer any questions - heck, we even contact them when we're stumped for expertise!


Why do your small size inserts have the same snaps?

In short, this was a manufacturing error. The small bamboo was meant to snap to the underside of the small microfiber, so you could recognise which was which based on the inny or outy snap. However, both have outy snaps...

Whilst it's a little tricker to tell them apart now (we apologize), your bamboo only insert is heavier and will shrink a little in the wash, and your bamboo covered microfiber is lighter and firmer in feel i.e. less floppy?! When pulled end to end, your microfiber won't have any stretch, the bamboo will.

When shipped to you, the microfiber insert is always put on top of the bamboo insert inside your nappy. You can choose to colour the tag in/pop a dot on it so you know which is which - I'm also happy to do this if you prefer (leave a comment in your order).

We've contacted the manufacturer and won't be making this mistake again - it's too confusing otherwise! Email me if you have any troubles.

Why do your small size inserts have bamboo on the outside?

Bamboo protects the microfiber whilst you're getting the hang of cloth nappies. It doesn't matter which way up you use this insert.

It's not recommended to use microfiber directly against baby's skin, so if you forget at 3am, bamboo has your back!

By the time you have the hang of cloth nappies, the standard size fleece  microfiber can also be used directly against baby's skin (fleece upward).

Either way, we've got you covered!


I am getting leaks, what's going on?

Leaks can be cause by multiple different things. Below are a few hints that might help, otherwise feel free to email us or pop onto Facebook/Instagram with some photos so we can help.

First, check that clothing hasn't gotten caught up in the underwear line. This is a common cause as bodysuits are great at wicking.

Second, check the fit of the nappy. There should be no gaps around the legs with the elastics snugly hugging, but not too tight. Often the waist is done up too tight, and legs are too loose (not enough rise snaps done up).

Thirdly, microfiber can compress like a wet sponge when fully soaked. Microfiber wicks pee away quickly and the bamboo insert behind is designed to hold the extra. However, if both are fully soaked front to back within 1-2hrs, this indicates baby is likely to need to use more bamboo. You can either swap out your microfiber for a bamboo booster, or get additional bamboo inserts (small or standard size). If you purchased our full set, combine the small and standard bamboo inserts for 12 layers of absorbency!

More Questions?

If you have any other burning questions, chances are you're not alone. Email me, PM on Facebook/Instagram and I'll pop them up.