Stuffing Nappies

Which ever insert(s) you choose to use, our nappies work best when inserts are stuffed inside the pocket.

The how to...
  1. Have your nappy snapped to the right rise size (this may take a bit of playing) and facing inside upwards
  2. Place your fleece/microfiber insert on top of your bamboo terry insert and grip one end firmly
  3. Start to push both inserts inside the pocket and turn the whole nappy over (outside facing upwards)
  4. Push the inserts through to the front edge of the nappy, pulling the outer shell towards your elbow until you can grab the inserts (you will still have some of the insert hanging out the back)
  5. Turn the nappy back over (inside facing up), grab the front edge of the nappy and inserts and remove your hand spreading your fingers wide to keep the inserts flat. The flappy tail of inserts will slide inside as you do this
  6. Adjust any wrinkles in the inserts as needed and pull the inserts back towards the pocket opening if there is too much bulk at the front edge
We will have videos on Facebook and Instagram shortly that are probably more useful than the gobbledygook above! And as always, contact us if you're stuck.