Kekoa's signature FLEXIBLE STRECTH WINGS make fitting your nappies as easy as disposables.

Stretch wings give a forgiving fit, allow your baby to have more freedom to move, and are padded on the edges to prevent cutting in.

You get the benefit of a nappy which stays on (no pesky velcro for your baby to undo) yet does up with the same ease.

Inclusive sizing

Kekoa's custom designed premium nappies ACTUALLY FIT from 3-19kg+ with a trim "like-underwear" fit.

With additional length in the waist and wings, plus micro adjustment rise snaps (front to back length). you can rest assured they will fit from birth to toilet training.

They are the slimmest nappy on the market making buying clothes easy for your little one.

Bilayer Technology

Our unique, protected, global innovation allows even the biggest of hands to easily stuff our trim nappies. An additional layer between the outside water-resistant fabric, and inside pocket gives our nappies an additional luxury feel with no sticky PUL laminate to deal with.

Luxurious, ethical

Ethically made with luxurious soft materials, they are the softest nappies on the market!

Premium athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) lining for keeping baby dry, silky soft RECYCLED external printed fabric in custom New Zealand prints, and buttery soft wings make your cloth nappy experience something a little special.

All our fabrics are STANDARD-100 by OEKO-TEX certified and our products are made in a SEDEX audited factory.

Kekoa cloth nappies

Saving you up to $4000 PER CHILD!

Did you know, the average baby goes through 7000 nappies in 3 years! With a stash of 30 cloth nappies you're not only saving the planet, but your back pocket!



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