Additional Rural Shipping

Additional Rural Shipping

$2.00 USD
Donate A Nappy | Kekoa CoreDonate A Nappy | Kekoa Core

Donate A Nappy | Kekoa Core

$18.00 USD
Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

From $19.79 USD
Inserts | Large Size (old style)Inserts | Large Size (old style)
On sale

Inserts | Large Size (old style)

$4.00 USD $8.00 USD
Inserts | Small Size/BoosterInserts | Small Size/Booster

Inserts | Small Size/Booster

From $6.00 USD
Kekoa cloth nappy showing small bamboo cotton trifold insert open flat flexible stretch wings stay dry panel and lead freeInserts | Small Trifold

Inserts | Small Trifold

From $8.00 USD
Inserts | Standard SizeInserts | Standard Size

Inserts | Standard Size

From $6.00 USD
Kekoa Core Large | Berry GoodnessKekoa Core Large | Berry Goodness

Kekoa Core Large | Berry Goodness

From $17.00 USD
Kekoa Core Large | Blast OffKekoa Core Large | Blast Off

Kekoa Core Large | Blast Off

From $17.00 USD
Kekoa Core Large | DaisyKekoa Core Large | Daisy

Kekoa Core Large | Daisy

From $17.00 USD
Kekoa Core Large | Desert SunsetKekoa Core Large | Desert Sunset

Kekoa Core Large | Desert Sunset

From $17.00 USD
Kekoa Core Large | Gone Fishin'Kekoa Core Large | Gone Fishin'

Kekoa Core Large | Gone Fishin'

From $17.00 USD
Kekoa Core Large | Goodnight MoonKekoa Core Large | Goodnight Moon

Kekoa Core Large | Goodnight Moon

From $17.00 USD
Kekoa Core Large | NarwhalsKekoa Core Large | Narwhals
Sold out

Kekoa Core Large | Narwhals

From $17.00 USD

Design Protection

Did you know our nappies are design and copyright protected? This means they are custom designed, unique, and cannot be copied without prior approval (including our innovative features). It is pretty exciting stuff!

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