Our Story


[ke'ko'a] noun.

Means the warrior or brave one.

Not only are you braving the unknowns of parenthood, your little one is braving a whole new world.

About Me

I’m Alexis, a new-ish mum myself but no stranger to the crazy world of babies. When trying to find a great fitting nappy, I struggled with having it done up tight up enough to prevent leaks, but loose enough that my chunky thighed monkey could move comfortably. Whilst some had features we loved, none were the absolute go to. And so Kekoā was born.

When we started on our cloth journey, it wasn’t about diving in head first. Every baby is different and what fits one, doesn’t fit another - as we very rapidly found out! We started off with a couple of different nappies to play around with and felt good knowing that swapping just one disposable per day prevented 365 nappies going to landfill that year!

At Kekoā we understand there is a place for everyone in the market, as no two babies are the same. I hope you love our nappies as much as we do and we always welcome feedback.

Join the addiction and give your babe the freedom to move because being comfortable starts with your undergarments (at least that's what I tell myself in the mirror at 6:30am)!


It is important for Kekoā to know we are doing our best not only for parents and the environment but also by those in our manufacturing supply chain.

We looked far and wide and whilst others could make nappies cheaper, their work ethic didn't align with ours. We wanted to be transparent whilst balancing quality with price.

Our manufacturing company ensures employees work no more than 8 hours per day and a maximum of 6 days per week, in line with the Fair Labour Association Code of Conduct. The company provides all their employees with endowment insurance (like life insurance), unemployment insurance and medical insurance, and organise a company-wide trip each year for team building and morale.


ke ("the") + koa ("warrior or brave one") is most commonly a given name, often for males, from Hawai'i.

Choosing a name didn't come easily; there are a lot of considerations to be made. To me, Kekoā was about tying my Aotearoa New Zealand heritage to my US background, appreciating that there is a connectedness through the languages of the Pacfic (Māori included), and noting that Kekoā is synonymous with my name, Alexis, which means defender of mankind (a warrior).

From many years of study, I am aware of the importance of cultural respect and appropriation, seeking advice and clarification before landing on this name.