Your nappies come equipped with two high GSM bamboo cotton inserts designed for maximum absorbency without the bulk. 

The whole system has been designed to work together so your newborn inserts become boosters for your one-size and our hemp cotton inserts create an hourglass insert once paired with your day setup. Everything has been carefully thought out to give you many mix and match options to suit.

Kekoa one-size premium insert set of bamboo cotton and bifold/trifold in bamboo terry


The smaller insert is designed for the smallest rise settings, the larger for the larger rise settings. Both can be paired together at any stage you may just need to fold the larger insert over on the smaller end to make it fit.Your one-size nappy comes with two high GSM bamboo cotton inserts built for absorbency but without the bulk. 


Kekoa reusable nappy bamboo cotton and bamboo terry bifold trifold insert set pair


The same as the one-size inserts but sized perfectly to fit your newborn nappies. The wider end  of the larger insert provides absorbency where you need it most and can be used either way.

Can be stuffed into the pocket or laid on top as a snap-in system.