Kekoa’s vision from the start has been quality, both in fabrics and workmanship, ethics, and a lesser footprint. We believe in innovation and progression, not just releasing our prints in the same widely available standard offerings. It has taken us longer than expected to find a company who fit our impeccable standards, but all good things take time. We are now proud to introduce the newest innovation in cloth nappies – bilayer technology – which ensures that even the trimmest nappy can still function easily as a pocket.

Bilayer technology came from many hours of thinking and many hours of conversation and discussion, especially around some of the barriers to using cloth. A few friends we spoke to mentioned how they could not stand stuffing nappies after the first few washes, once the PUL had broken in. Some found beautifully fitting trim nappies impossible to stuff because the PUL was too grippy. Whilst I could not make washing or drying any easier, I could make stuffing more comfortable and less of a chore, especially for those wanting the benefits of a pocket nappy!

And so bilayer technology was born, a global first in cloth nappies and quite possibly the world’s easiest pocket nappy to stuff, wash after wash! The layer sits between the outer PUL shell and inner pocket lining, providing protection to your laminate and removing all grip when sliding inserts through. Fabrics have been chosen to allow even the largest of hands to pull inserts through effortlessly, encouraging more parents to use pocket nappies as pockets by removing the touch barrier of handling laminate fabrics. You can even stuff our newborn nappies more easily than many OSFM!

The layer works in conjunction with the rest of our design which took a year of thinking, prototyping, trialling, and tweaking until we had a product ready for release. I am a perfectionist and thankfully our manufacturers have patience! It was of little use to have an innovation which worked to solve one problem, whilst creating another.

As well as bilayer tech, these premium nappies feature breathable 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle thread, which is woven to create a lusciously soft and stretchy external shell. Our shells are lined with high quality TPU and topped with CoolMax® performance moisture wicking technology, which sits directly against your baby’s delicate skin. Our OSFM is suitable from approximately 3-18kg, and our true newborn nappy from approximately 2-7kg with the addition of an external (true) double gusset. All of this wrapped in OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 protection, so you know that what touches your baby goes beyond many of the national and international requirements for chemical safety.