Kekoa is a family run business which started during the pandemic in our quest to find sustainable, suitable, luxury reusable products for our little one.

We wanted to create products that not only nurtured your little one, but nurtured our earth. Featuring recycled materials and high end craftsmanship, our products are designed to last the lifetime of your baby, then be passed onto the next.



 Better for baby

We choose only the softest materials to keep baby dry and comfortable. Flexible stretch wings provide the ultimate comfort whilst ensuring an easy fit nappy for parents and caregivers.


Made from recycled materials helping prevent further waste to landfill. We use natural fibre fabrics like bamboo and cotton.


High craftsmanship, impeccable fabrics, and harmful chemical testing ensures only the best for your little one. We believe you shouldn't have to compromise on luxury whilst saving the planet.


SMETA audited factories dive deep into working conditions, hours, and child labour. We source only from supply chains which ensure those who make your nappies are happy to be there.

Little works of art

Each collection tells a story, showcasing some of New Zealand’s national endangered treasures curated by talented local artists. The natural moodiness of nature inspires our designs, our values, our company.