As part of our ongoing commitment to people, the planet, and of course the cloth nappy community, we have partnered with some amazing organisations to share the love.

We are continually looking for charities, groups, or organisations to help out - especially those focussed around infants and children. These might be services like the following, but they may also be organisations working to preserve culture or language.

If you know of anyone looking for additional support, please reach out at 

Aotearoa Cloth Community Pay-It-Forward (PIF) Group

This group has been created to help families in Aotearoa give cloth nappies a try through providing them with a pack of nappies to get them started. The group is run by volunteers and supported by wonderful members of the community donating their used cloth nappies to be passed on to others. They aim to get more littles into reusable nappies.

Kekoa regularly gifts nappies up and down New Zealand to the amazing volunteers. They curate packs for parents wanting to start their cloth nappy journey and encourage everyone to gift these back when they no longer need them. Nappies are sanitised between families.

Bare Necessities Charity

According to the Ministry of Health's most recent figures on maternity deprivation, out of 58 503 women who gave birth in 2018, 16 705 mothers lived in the most deprived quantile. 

We think this number is unacceptably high and it's up to us as a community to do something about it. Mum's wellbeing is just as important as baby's. This is why we have made it our priority to customise our donations according to mothers' needs during pregnancy and postpartum.

We work with hospitals, women's refuge centres, emergency housing organisations, social workers, budgeting services, foodbanks and other professionals, to ensure that our donations are utilised where they are most needed. We are based in Auckland but we distribute nationwide. 

Kekoa gifted reusable nursing pads for their expectant mother packs so no breast/chest feeding parent would be caught out.

Nga Taonga Aroha Early Childhood Centre

We acknowledge Māori as tangata whenua and are committed to recognising Te tiriti o Waitangi and the tiriti principles of; participation, protection and partnership. With this foundation, we embrace our multicultural community through parent involvement, kaiako knowledge and the essence of the child. For a child to truly thrive, they must know where they have come from in order to know where they are going, and we are committed to being a part of this journey.

We partnered with Nga Taonga Aroha ECE donating nappies for use within their centre. This helped lift the burden for many families who now only needed to provide a coming home nappy for the end of the day when collecting their pepe.