our latest collection


Kekoa is passionate about the land, the sea, our papatūānuku (mother earth). Our new collection not only physically helps to reduce our footprint by featuring 100% post-consumer recycled plastic fabric which is Oeko-Tex ® Standard-100 certified, but also artistically showcases some of New Zealand’s finest assets which are in critical danger of becoming extinct.



Kekoa’s vision from the start has been quality, both in fabrics and workmanship, ethics, and a lesser footprint. We believe in innovation and progression, not just releasing our prints in the same widely available standard offerings....




New Zealand's first Covid-19 lockdown 2020. The uncertainty of work becomes apparent and although babies will never stop being born, we lived in a remote rural area, without our village.

The idea behind Kekoa begins.

We have a rapidly growing gorgeous chunk who is outgrowing most of his one-size nappies. Features of some nappies we loved, some we found didn't work. We had sampled almost the globes worth of nappies by now and our biggest issue was the combination of wing and leg room. The search for our manufacturer began.



The concept for a middle of the range nappy began, which would allow us to test our idea in the New Zealand market and see how it took. The premium design continued to sit in the back of my mind.

Our core range manufacturer was found after a lengthy search and samples ordered.

We continued the search for our premium manufacturer.



Our core range samples are received at the start of the month. This included our nappy, wing fabric options, and snaps.

Our first order for the core range is finalised and sent!

We continue the search for our premium manufacturer.



Our premium design process starts.

The first nappy samples arrive and while we have many tweaks to make, it's a start!



We go back to the drawing board with our samples as the original thought for the back elastic didn't work as envisioned. Modifications are made and a new sample is on it's way down.

Our first core order arrives! It begins to feel real as our website and photography take shape.




What a terrifying but exciting realisation of months of hard work!

The core range is well received and the ORIGINAL flexible nappy of New Zealand, something we are very proud to offer. Innovation and bringing something different to the market was always our aim.



The body of the nappy begins to take shape and two new features are added for trial purposes. We play around with different insert shapes and fabrics getting a feel for how they fit.



Our collection idea has been percolating for some time. We begin reaching out to Māori government agencies, a local Māori mama, all in the hopes we can find out who we need to talk to. It was of the upmost importance to us that culture and language were represented appropriately.

We receive a kaumātua blessing, find our Māori artist, and reach out to Under The Moon for our watercolour work.

We have figured out what works for the cut and shape of our nappy and have a rough idea of insert fabrics. We are getting disheartened though as our search for the perfect high quality manufacturer returns many dead ends or fully booked factories. We take a break for the holiday period and focus on family.



We find our premium manufacturer! WHAT. A. LENGTHY. PROCESS!

We speedily have documents drawn up so we can begin the formal complete design process. We wanted to protect our intellectual property where possible as our new ideas have not been seen in cloth nappies before.

Fabric samples arrive from multiple different factories who specialise in recycled polyester so we can get a feel and understanding of what will work on our nappies. Recycled fabrics are a new concept in nappies that has just started to appear globally.



We receive more fabric samples to understand laminate and polyester fabric variations. Our watercolour prints are finalised and sent to the printer for testing...they are stunning!

Basic nappy samples are delivered to assess manufacturing quality.

In the background our new factory is working with us to tweak and adjust the design. Certain ideas I had were unable to be sewn beautifully.



Our first samples arrive at the start of the month and we finally get to feel, wash, destroy all the options. It is important to us that all fabrics are thoroughly tested. Our watercolour fabric samples are included in this bunch and they are so lucious.

Our tags arrive with this initial order and we're happy to proceed with the final (modifications made based on final insert choice).

We rule out many of the samples for various reasons and order a few more with minor modifications, different dying techniques.

Our Māori prints are completed and sent to the printers for testing and at the end of the month our second to last nappy and fabric samples arrive. We narrow down what will work.



Our final preproduction sample arrives with all of our final modifications made. It undergoes it's last rigorous tests. Included in this pack are our dyed wing fabrics and our snaps.

We ensure our wings match our prints, choose the corresponding snaps, decide on the final CoolMax® shade (athletic wicking jersey), and send off our first premium order...it's absolutely real now!

From this point it's a waiting game. We trust that the large production order will match our final samples and be of equal high quality.

Our lawyers begin the intellectual property protection process which safe guards our new nappies.



We receive confirmation our first order is ready for shipping. We arrange shipment with the freight company and constantly refresh the tracking!

In the current Covid-19 climate it can take eight plus weeks for arrival as many freight companies are choosing not to come to New Zealand. Sadly, we don't expect this issue to get any better.




We are finally able to list our gorgeous nappies up for presale as they have landed in the country!

It will take another couple of weeks to process customs and physically get to us but they are so close.

Now this has been a process! From concept in March 2020, to manufacturer in January 2021, to final nappies up for sale in September. Whoever thought reusable cloth nappies were a "get rich quick" scheme had never been involved with designing!