Cost of Nappies

Kekoa cost of disposable nappies versus vs cloth nappies diaper modern cloth nappy


Even with power, detergent, and water costs included (cloth total cost) it is amazing to see the difference in price.

Cloth is often far more effective at containing the messes than disposables which is also a great bonus.

I found it very interesting to see the difference in price across the disposable brands! But the same can be said for cloth.

Also, this only looks at the financial cost and not environmental benefits of switching to cloth (more to come on this).

I shall not admit how long I sat with my trusty spreadsheet, calculator and many browser windows me a good spreadsheet session! 🤣

This conservative estimate is based on...

  • New Zealand (NZD)
  • a baby on the 50th centile (weight)
  • the length of time that weight spends in each size (based on national weight chart) i.e. rapid growth at the start, slowing as they get older
  • the number of nappies used per day at each size i.e. more as a newborn, less as they grow
  • the largest disposable pack size (cheapest)
  • nappies not nappy pants (which are more expensive)
  • nappy use for 3yrs (many are not developmentally ready prior)
  • the most common brands at major supermarkets/department stores

FULL DESCRIPTION: Conservative estimate based on a baby on the 50th centile from birth-3yrs. Total cost based on nappies used per day at each size, starting at 10 nappies for a newborn down to 5 nappies per day for a 3yr old and the length of time in each size based on growth chart (cost per nappy based on individual pack sizes - jumbo/cheapest pack size used where possible).

Cloth based on an average of $14-$40 per nappy for day use (30 nappies full stash) and $30-47 for night (6 nappies full stash plus two covers).

Cloth includes detergent and washing costs based on averages (1046 washes +$1621/3yrs [front loader, 40deg prewash daily + main wash every third day, line dry] - CleanClothNappies).

Prices accurate as of April 2022 (NZ)

Eco-luxury for the modern parent

Because saving the planet doesn't have to be bland