Getting started with cloth nappies

You have likely read many websites, sought advice from different brands, and they usually all say the same thing - cloth seems overwhelming! Yes the abundance of information is overwhelming, but doing cloth is not. It won't take you long before you have found your new pattern.

We have created an easy get started to help guide you on your cloth nappy journey.


Look at your options. Do you want to start full-time or ease into cloth part-time? Will you use newborn sizing from birth or start with one-size (OSFM) from more like 6-12 weeks?

Newborns go through 10-12 nappies in a 24 hour period so if you're washing every two days you will need enough for the two days plus another additional days worth to cover your wash/dry day.

NEWBORN Part-time: using 4-6 per day you would need 12-18
Full-time:  using 10-12 per day you would need 30-36
ONE-SIZE Part-time: using 2-4 per day you would need 6-12
Full-time:  using 6-8 per day you would need 18-24



Grab a few extra inserts, boosters, and heavy wetter/night options so you have plenty on hand for when washing doesn't go to plan, or inserts take longer to dry.

Whilst all the best laid plans are great, sometimes life gets in the way. Your nappy shells will dry much quicker than your inserts so extras are always handy.


Choose your accessories

Cloth wipes are perfect for nappy changes, hands, and faces. They make clean up a breeze and get thrown into your wash the same way you would your nappies.

Wetbags are the perfect on-the-go accessory. Simply remove your soiled nappy, place it into the water resistant bag, and wash as per usual when you are home again. Small wetbags are great for pre-wet wipes, snacks, toys, and the larger size is great for clean nappies, dirty nappies, spare clothes etc.

Eco-luxury for the modern parent

Because saving the planet doesn't have to be bland