Boosting is recommended for babies who fully soak their nappy inserts within 1-2 hours. In the beginning, usually one insert is plenty but as baby grows adding your larger insert (folded at the front if needed) provides eight layers of bamboo cotton. If baby out wets these, it's time to consider boosting.

When using your one-size nappies they come complete with one larger size insert and one smaller. Both have additional snaps for adding boosting as needed.


Boosters can be added to just the smaller sized insert, just the larger sized insert, both together and our newborn pair - it's universal across the range! In this set up with our one-size pair (that come with your nappy), the booster is furthest away from baby, the larger size insert is closest to baby.


If needing additional absorbency for a heavy wetting baby or night set up, the hemp/cotton insert pair works perfectly alone with either your larger size bamboo/cotton insert creating an hourglass for front and back coverage...

...or your smaller sized insert when using your nappy on the smaller settings. Your bamboo cotton insert sits closest to baby and the hemp/cotton insert is designed to snap onto the shell, furthest from baby, if you like to use it this way.


For some super heavy wetters, you can combine both of your bamboo/cotton day inserts and both your heavy wetter hemp/cotton inserts to provide 16 layers of trim absorbent natural fibres.