One Size Fits Who?


Today’s blog is a little different – more something to consider when choosing what to purchase as we all know, this market is a minefield!

One Size Fits Most or OSFM literally means just that, the majority of babies across their birth to toilet training span will fit these nappies.

HOWEVER, at either end of the weight spectrum be prepared for the fit to be – shall we say, not so great! That means, although your OSFM kope says 3.5kg – 17kg, it will likely have legs that are too big when baby is newborn, or wing hip snaps that are no longer snapped to the waist on your toddler.

If a OSFM nappy fits well from the lowest approximated weight i.e. 3.5kg, then it’s fair to say it will likely be a smaller cut that you may find your toddler struggles to wear well once they grow. Likewise a nappy which you struggle to make work until more like 4-5kg will likely carry you through longer i.e. fit well until 17kg/toilet training.

This all obviously depends on the size and shape of your little one AND the cut of your nappy. Not all OSFM are the same cut, shape, length, and this is a big reason why I advocate trying lots of different brands.

This is also the reason why newborn nappies are fantastic – they cover the lower end of the weight range until your OSFM fit better and carry you the rest of the way through. But I absolutely understand that purchasing a newborn stash is costly for such a short time (consider hiring).

If buying second hand or money is tight and you only have “just enough” kope to get you through from birth to toilet training, that’s totally ok. There are lots of work arounds from folding the front down to make the length shorter for your newborn, or changing baby and washing more often if they out-wet the absorbency that you have. You don’t need to upgrade your whole stash if they suddenly don’t work as well as previously – chances are they’ll change shape again and boom, you’re back in business!

This is a topic I’ve wanted to chat about for a while as I see parents upset when the nappy doesn’t fit but their baby is 3.5kg or they’re barely able to do it up despite little one only being 12kg. Babies go through lots of changes and not all OSFM nappies are the same physical size despite the same weight range. Try to remind yourself, two different companies can both make a size 14 shirt – but it’s unlikely they’ll both fit the same.

Happy nappying everyone and as always, my email and messengers are open so ask away!

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