Rihanna, Fenty Kids, Bluey "Baby Race", Cloth nappies and more!

Cloth nappies have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. This trend is largely attributed to the environmental benefits of cloth diapers, which are reusable and, when washed properly, can be used multiple times with low environmental damage.

For many they are still seen as difficult, costly, an inconvenience in the face of daily convenience. Thankfully people are waking up to realise the environmental costs of solely using disposables...and we have the likes of Rihanna and Bluey to thank!

In case you missed it....British Vogue has featured a cover story on Rihanna Reborn: How a Megastar Became a Mother in their March 2023 issue. On the cover, A$AP Rocky is holding their baby boy wearing a Chrome Hearts diaper cover cheekily poking out. There is some debate about whether the item is a pair of bloomers over a disposable or in fact a custom made reusable nappy. Regardless it has people talking and this is HUGE for the reusable nappy community! What we do know is she has filed to trademark Fenty Kids, of which one category is cloth diapers! Watch this space!

The epic children's TV program Bluey also released "Baby Race" (Season 2, episode 50) where mum reminisces about Bluey as a baby. Not only does the episode feature multiple scenes of the babies wearing cloth nappies, it also highlights early rolling/crawling/walking with cloth - a question we are asked often (will cloth nappies mean by baby takes ages to roll/crawl/walk, they're so bulky!? - the short answer is no!).

What are your thoughts on celebrities "fashionising" cloth nappies or TV programs normalising cloth use? Let us know below!

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