Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wash my nappy before my baby wears it? 

Kekoa recommends washing your brand new nappy(ies) prior to wearing. Due to the nature of the fabric in our flexible wings, we recommend hand washing your nappy shells with like colours (i.e. reds together, darks together) until the water runs clear. This helps prevent colour run which can occur occasionally due to excess dye in the manufacturing process. 

Washing prior also helps remove any manufacturing residues such as sewing machine oils, additional colour, pattern marks etc. and helps prepare your inserts. We do not recommend soaking your inserts prior to washing, just a 40-60 degree Celsius wash is suitable with mainstream detergent. They will gain more absorbency the more washes they have.

How Many do I need?

There's no fixed number as such as it will depend on how many nappies your baby uses and how often you wash, we have a 'getting started' guide to help. Once you find your groove you'll know whether you need more or less.

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