Snappi | Nappy Fastener White
Snappi | Nappy Fastener White

Snappi | Nappy Fastener White

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Snappi nappy fasteners replace/are an alternative to nappy pins. They have grippy teeth on the ends to grab fabric and hold the likes of winged preflats in place.

The rubber feel material makes it easy to stretch and get a good snug fit with any flat style nappy.

The additional loops at each end can be folded over when not in use to protect grabby fingers from the teeth.

Colour - White

Sold separately

To use

Fold winged flat across baby

Grip one side into the fabric (usually around the hip area) and be sure there are a few layers

Stretch the Snappi to the other side of the fabric

Lastly, stretch the centre part of the Y downwards to grip in the crotch


      It can be confusing to start out with so if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.